How do I get started in the 5th grade?

I'm in 5th grade, and I'm looking up to being an environmental engineer. Is there any way I can get a jump start to earn a scholarship for college, and prepare for my future? I mean, what can I do?
posted by Kennedy, Naples on January 16, 2014

Answer by Ursula Gibson

Dear Kennedy,

There are scholarships based on academic merit, sports talent, and financial need.  In all cases, you will need to have excellent grades, and it helps if you have demonstrated your interest in your future career through extracurricular activities.

That said, it is early for you to be focusing on one particular area, so I encourage you to do your best in all your courses, especially those in science and math.  You need that background to get the most out of opportunities that come your way. 

I encourage you to google for volunteer positions within your community both to get experience and demonstrate your interest.

Best wishes,