Is aerospace engineering a combination of other fields?

Is aerospace/aeronautical engineering an extension or combination of Chemical, Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical engineering?
posted by Kenz, St. Louis on January 12, 2014

Answer 1 by Amelia Scharrer

Hi Kenz - Yes and no.  It is possible to get a degree in just aerospace or aeronautical engineering, and there are things you learn in aerospace/aeronautical engineering that you might not learn getting a degree in a different engineer field. However, aeronautical engineer does have things common with chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering and many of your classes will overlap. 
Let me know if that answered your question.

Answer 2 by Zahra Khan

I would say aerospace engineering is most closely related to mechanical engineering. In many universities, like my undergrad college, it is the same department and only a handful of courses are different between mechanical and aerospace engineering. So one can think of it as a specialization of mechanical engineering.