Making a nuclear fusor

Hello! My name is Nataly and I am in the 7th grade. I am really interested in being a Nuclear Engineer when I grow up. I would like your advice on a situation. I am trying to make a nuclear fuser for my science fair this year and was wondering if you had any advice to give me.

Have a good day,
posted by Nataly, WInder, GA on January 7, 2014

Answer by Patricia Eng P.E.

Hello Nataly,

I am afraid that I do not have experience in making a nuclear fuser.  I studied nuclear fusion in college, but at that time, it was only a theory.  I Googled it and found a few sites that talk about building a demonstrator:

It looks possible, but difficult, possibly expensive and with a host of safety issues.  I think you would need some help from adults to do it.   I note that if it were easy, we would already have power plants that use it for energy.  If you have your heart set on doing a project on fusion, you may want to do more on describing the process and highlighting the facilities around the world that are trying to create a sustainable fusion reaction. 

There are a few other resources you might consider to see if there is another nuclear science based project that may be less difficult to build…….take a look at:

Sorry I couldn’t give you more on building a nuclear fuser.  Good luck with your project!

Patricia Eng