Can I be an engineer without science?

I'm a senior in highschool and I've always been good in math, particularly algebra and I want to go into a career that is very math oriented, therefore I found this website (lol). Although I like math, I'm not that keen in science, chemistry to be exact. So my question is, does engineering include some science? If so what types of engineering should I go into to somewhat avoid science courses? Also what are good schools in Texas for engineering?

Thanks in advance,
posted by Lauren , Houston, Tx on November 19, 2013

Answer by Jennifer Ploskina

Hi Lauren!  While science can be a big part of engineering, the type of science depends on your interest.  I went into electrical engineering, which had more physics than any other type of science.  I did have to take one chemistry class as part of the engineering curriculum, I believe (I am not a fan of chemistry either), but there is always at least one course in college that will be a challenge and necessary evil :)

I have spent all of my career in the Northeast U.S., so not much help on TX schools.  Best of luck to you, Jennifer