What colleges are good for Environmental Engineering?

Hi, I was wondering what colleges have good courses for Environmental Engineering?
I am in middle school, but I am already thinking about my career. I really like math and science.
posted by Enya , Greenbelt Md on October 11, 2013

Answer by Egirl Team

Hi Enya,

Choosing a college for engineering is a little harder than just looking at the rankings in any particular study.  Make sure the college you choose is ABET accredited, but also consider the size of the school, the location, the philosophy of the school, expense, and what the professors are working on.  All of those things will make a school more or less attractive to you personally.  To get started look at the University Finder or tryengineering.com.  That will give you a list of accredited programs that you can begin to investigate.  Good luck!