Student switch from marketing to industrial engineering

Hello, I am currently a sophomore in college and I am thinking about changing my major. I came into college thinking I wanted to do Marketing and I have taken all business classes. Now, I don't really think that is the right path for me! I am now thinking about industrial engineering. I talked to a counselor in the engineering department and she told me it would put me back a year in graduating college, because I would have to make up all of the classes I have missed. But if I keep my marketing major I would be finished actually a lot earlier than expected. Which I can use those classes and take maybe 2 more and have a minor in business, would that be a smart thing to do? So advice? Is it worth the change? I think it will but I need some advice from people that have been down that road. Also, they mentioned how industrial engineering has to do with the process of making a product, what engineering is the design process of making a product? Thanks for all of your help! :)
posted by Taylor, Auburn, AL on September 29, 2013

Answer by Jessye Talley

Hello Taylor,

Although I am not taking the path you are I believe the more knowledge you have about different things makes you more marketable. Industrial Engineering does have a lot of classes related to business. This type of engineering you do learn about making a product which is helpful in marketing a product. I think this will probably help you with what you feel you are missing by just doing marketing. I would just consider what your goals for when you finish school this may also make your answer easier. Hope this helps!