Can I work in manufacturing and design as a materials engineer?

Hi. I am currently majoring in materials engineering, but my ultimate goal is to be involved in manufacturing and design. I need something that will allow me to be innovative and creative. I think materials engineering is interesting, but it involves a lot of research and development and I don't know if I like that. I do not want to be in a lab all day using a trial and error methods to find the best material. I also want a major that allows me to employee my skills in math and physics. Finally, I want to be able to directly see the impact of a systematic approach to problem solving. Can you please provide me example of this and comment on whether or not I would be suited better for mechanical engineering? I have a lot of respect of materials engineers, but I do not want to be bored with my job when I get out. Do you have any advice? As I mentioned before my ultimately fear is that I will be bored by a trial and error method that does not allow for a lot of creative problem solving and math/physics. Can you please comment on this because I still want to be a materials engineer. any experience from industry would be greatly appreciated, but other forms are fine. Thanks for all the help and any advice.
posted by John, Sykesville on September 11, 2013

Answer by Dr Nandika D'Souza

Absolutely. I would recommend that you get an internship that has these two aspects and that should solidify the association between your likes and your degree.