Best engineering degree for a career in the Navy

Hello! I am a Junior at Vanden HS. I plan on going to college for engineering and eventually plan on joining the Navy. I am still bouncing back and for between which engineering field I want to make a career out of. I have a few colleges and universities in mind however i wanted know hear from y'all. Where do you think would be the best place, within reason of course?
posted by Siana, Fairfield, CA on July 5, 2013

Answer by Missy Cummings

There are many excellent engineering programs in California as well as across the country. If you are interested in a scholarship from the Navy, look for schools with a Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). However, you can still join the Navy even if you do not go to college on a ROTC scholarship. The Naval Academy is an option as well, but is extremely competitive. A good place to start is your high school counselor who will be able to help you match your interests to schools either nearby or in another state.