How to become a cosmetics engineer

Hello, I am going into my fourth year of a chemical engineering degree at Queen's University, Kingston. I have always had an interest in make-up and cosmetics and have recently learned that there are opportunities in cosmetic engineering. My question is what does a cosmetic engineer do and how do I go about finding a job in this field?
posted by Maria, Banff, Canada on May 27, 2013

Answer by Egirl Team

Dear Maria,

Congratulations on nearing completion of your degree.  There are a number of opportunities within the cosmetics industry depending upon your skills and interests.  The best website I have found on the topic is this one:

The site includes a number of articles including one on How to become a Cosmetic Chemist that I think you would find interesting.  Since you are in your 4th year, I would also look around for summer internships if possible.  If you research different cosmetic company websites you will find out more about their undergraduate internship programs.  Good luck!