Can I go back to mechanical engineering?

Hello Mam,

I have done mechanical engineering back in 2009. After that I did one year CAD software course. I gave a couple of interviews and was mostly rejected as they told me that I was a fresher. At that time I was adamant to work only in my field (mechanical), but I was not getting anywhere. Finally, out of desperation I joined a technical support firm (voice process) and worked for about 5 months. After that I joined a broadcasting firm, working as a assistant engineer for the past 1.5 years. Here I learned a lot related to the communication field, but whenever I go to an interview now they are surprised as to why I changed my field.This acts as a negative factor for me.
I am totally split into two about thinking what's next to do....
Kindly advise me of whether I should go for an MBA or should first try to join a job of my mechanical line.
posted by Aman, New Delhi on May 10, 2013