Becoming a Cosmetics Engineer

I would like to know how to become a cosmetic engineer after doing a degree in chem. eng.? Im really interested in the making of cosmetics, daily personal care products...My favourite subjects are bio and chem.. is chem eng a good option to pursue my interest? i would love to some day work with loreal and simple..but the thing is im not as passionate in physics as much as i love bio and chem....thanks
posted by Rose Anne, Asia on April 3, 2013

Answer by Sara DaSilva

Hi Rose Anne! Chemical engineers absolutely work in the cosmetics industry. There are even colleges that have certificate programs in cosmetics engineering, as a part of the chemical engineering degree! Any engineering degree gives you the foundation to be able to problem solve with data using sound scientific methods, and then chemical engineers specialize more in chemistry, materials, fluids, and solids processing. I encourage you to keep chemical engineering and even chemistry on your list of potential degrees to pursue!