Why isn't Fire Protection Engineering listed?

Why isn't Fire Protection Engineering listed? It is one of the fastest growing fields for women. Check out the website careers.sfpe.org, especially the "Professional Profiles" (all women!).
posted by Jack, Fire Safety Institute on December 1, 2012

Answer by Egirl Team

Dear Jack,
Thanks very much for your comments.  We have had one or two other inquiries about fire protection engineering, and we are very open to having it on EngineerGirl.  While we would love to have every possible engineering field listed, it generally makes more sense for us to wait until it is more widely recognized (Right now the ABET website only lists one accredited program in the US.) and until we have at least 3 or 4 women in the directory who work in that area.  Right now we do have one fire protection engineer in the directory (Kathy Notarianni), and we mention the field in our "Special Fields and Interdisciplinary" section.  We've also included a link to the Society for Fire Protection Engineering site in our Cool Links section, and we hope we will be able to add more resources as the field expands.  If you know of other women in this field that would like to be profiled on EngineerGirl, please ask them to create a profile, and we will be happy to work with them to eventually create a full feature within our Try on a Career section.