Where can I find a mentor?

posted on March 26, 2012


A good mentor can make a big difference in your career, and we encourage you to seek one out. Your best mentors are generally people that you are able to see on a regular basis. Consider what you would like to gain from a mentoring relationship, and make a list of potential resources. If you do not know anyone that you think would be a good candidate you might consider going on a number of informational interviews with people who are working in a field that interests you. You might also consider an email mentor from a site like Mentornet. When it comes time to ask someone to be your mentor it is best to establish at least a basic relationship first. You should also explain why you chose him or her and what you hope s/he will do for you. Realize that mentoring can be a big responsibility and not everyone will be willing to do it. Be respectful, and dont get discouraged if you are turned down. Generally, finding a mentor and establishing a good rapport will take a fair amount of work from you, but the potential rewards from such a relationship are well worth the effort.  Check out this blog article about mentoring for more information.